With passion and dedication we complete every challenge!

We internally produce individual components and more complex products, articulated compositions and wall panelling able to satisfy the most sought-after needs.

Our Services

The experience of our team supported by advanced IT management and systems  that respond to Industry 4.0 allows us to offer quick answers, flexible services and high quality.
Technical support
project analysis
constructive technical solutions
optimal production cycles
proposal of alternative raw materials
development of the technical drawing and drafting
Logistic support
scheduling of deliveries according to request (by element, by room set, by product type set, etc.)
monitoring of the production through the management system
possibility of storing the material in our warehouses
over 5600 square meters of covered warehouse and an additional warehouse of 1000 square meters for a total of 15000 square meters
capacity of direct delivery to the foreign market with management of documentation for triangular shipment
Global supplier
project analysis
prompt development of orders
competitive procurement of materials
professional industrial production
use of highly sophisticated systems
delivery of the finished product according to the specifications received
Informatic support
design using 3D Solidworks software
drawing management with PDM
elaboration of drawings for production with CAD-CAM software (Alphacam, Maestro 3D)
preparation of executive drawings in direct connection between the technical department and the machinery department
coding of the articles and related cycles through the management system
constant monitoring of the production phases
Qualitative support
assignment of an internal contact person responsible for the entire project
briefing with function managers
illustration of the project to all staff and relative sharing of the final objective
creation of codes and production specifications that determine the processing phases
analysis and care of the product from the raw state to the final result
guarantee of the functional and aesthetic result
Lean production
rationalization of production and relative increase in production efficiency
elimination of tangible and intangible waste
in-depth analysis of non-conformities aimed at maximizing results
reduction of delivery times and increase in service and quality

Our Production

Our achievements in the world

Since 2010 we have been supporting important International Contractors with professional ethics.
We want to be a trusted partner for the development of large projects with a view to active and proactive collaboration.