Finished products

We work for you with you!

We listen carefully to your needs, we develop your product with professional technical assistance, we produce quality products with experience.


From the raw material to the finished product, packaged in a branded box.
Dynamic and flexible, according to the needs of the market, we assist you with continuity and active collaboration.
Technical support
direct contact with specialized technicians for a quality response in a short time
constructive development of the product with the help of 3D Solidworks software
drafting of the single elements that make up the finished product using the 2D CAD-CAM software
working competence of materials of different nature: metals, glass, lights, etc.
packaging proposals
quality technical feedback in a short time
Logistic support
continuous monitoring of the production flow
direct dialogue with suppliers of related industries, to ensure ever shorter times and high quality
availability of storage of your material in our warehouse
preparation for "package 1" deliveries
deliveries free at destination
Global supplier
from the purchase of the raw material to the development of the final product
production competence of composite elements: wood, glass, metal, LED, etc.
supply of items packed in a branded box
Informatic support
coding of each single article
creation of production cycles through the management system
development of orders
planning of the work program
creation of 3D and 2D executive drawings
constant monitoring of the production phases
identification of the items with the creation of a special label with barcode or Qr Code
Qualitative support
we combine the "know-how" of the craftsman with the productive potential of the industry
the experience of over 40 years of work at the service of new technologies
production processes constantly monitored, to guarantee functional and aesthetic quality
maintenance of the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1997
attentive to the environment around us, we also offer FSC products
Lean production
optimization of production flows
direct dialogue between the design of the technical department and the machining of the machinery department
attention to the maximum reduction of waste
efficient equipment for each finish
preparation of the material in the warehouse with direct communication to the customer

Our achievements